Our Territory

Our olive groves are in the hills of Ciociaria, namely south of Frosinone in the Liri Valley, named after the river that flows through it. This area was for a long time on the border between the Papal States and the kingdom of Sicily and since ancient times has hosted Roman settlements, as evidenced by the archeological site of Fregellae and the old town of Arpino. 
The Valley was the birthplace of historical figures such as Cicero, Juvenal, and Saint Thomas Aquinas. Over the years, it has maintained a cultural treasure consisting of small villages and impressive sites, connected by the southern Via Francigena, such as the Castle of Conti d’Aquino, the abbey of Casamari and the abbey of Montecassino, first Benedictine monastery and of crucial importance in the Second World War. Nature also provides unique sights such as the waterfalls of Isola Liri, just in the town center, and the Gorges of Melfa, which are perfect for biking, rafting, and freeclimbing. Our groves are located in the hills of some of the main villages on the northern side of the valley with a beautiful view: Rocca d’Arce, Castrocielo, Fontana Liri, and Santopadre.

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